Chinese Interpretation Services

When vital information has to cross language barriers in real time, there’s no room for error. Chinese Translation Group offers telephonic, onsite and simultaneous interpretation services between Mandarin and English, Mandarin and Asian & Mandarin and European languages. All of our interpreter services include a customized engagement model and personalized service.

Phone Interpretation On-Demand

When selecting a partner to deliver high-quality phone interpretation services, quality, reliability and accessibility are paramount. Our interpreters are carefully selected and trained to achieve the highest levels of quality. That means we can satisfy your demand for highly-skilled telephone interpreters around the clock, on demand and with a scalable delivery model and one point of contact for all your phone interpretation needs.

Onsite Language Interpretation Services

Sometimes phone interpretation isn’t practical, legally allowable or socially correct. In these cases, you need an onsite interpreter who is not only skilled in language interpretation services, but also presents a professional appearance that reflects well on your organization.

Chinese Interpretation Group’s onsite interpreters are carefully screened and selected to deliver the highest quality language interpretation services. In addition, they are thoroughly trained and tested on their knowledge of protocol and ethics before they set foot on your site. With a network of over 10,000 interpreters, we can source onsite interpretation services quickly, and as close to your site as possible in order to reduce travel costs and time delays.

Simultaneous Interpretation for Meetings

When your event involves attendees who speak more than one language, accurate and professionally-delivered simultaneous interpretation services can be “make or break.”

Chinese Translation Group (CTG) simultaneous interpreters are carefully selected for their advanced language, interpersonal and professional qualities. Many have advanced degrees in interpretation, linguistics, and have highly specialized subject matter knowledge. This level of expertise allows us to source the right linguists and provide the most effective simultaneous interpretation for your event.

These highly skilled interpreters provide simultaneous, consecutive, relay and whispered conference interpretation services for conferences, meetings, legal proceedings and more via onsite or phone interpretation.

Certified Mandarin Court Interpreters

Court interpreters are needed in civil and criminal legal proceedings. Their ability to interpret complex legal procedures and vocabulary, without changing the speaker’s legal register, is crucial.

Typically, they interpret for a witness or defendant who speaks or understands little or no English, while also representing legal professionals with advanced degrees. They may appear at an arraignment, motion, pretrial conference, preliminary hearing, deposition or trial. A court interpreter may also be asked to translate written legal documents on the spot.

In some cases, a state may require that only court-certified and/or trained interpreters participate in legal proceedings.

Chinese Translation Group (CTG) has partnered with many law firms who depend on our professional court interpreters for state and federal legal proceedings, depositions and on-the-spot, sight translations of highly confidential material.

Medical Transcription / Medical Interpretation

Within today’s multi-cultural society, the crucial role of a medical interpreter is invaluable to the health system. Our specially trained and experienced healthcare interpreters enable the accurate interpretation of medical information between patients and a medical professional faced with a language barrier.

CTG’s medical transcription services are renowned for their precision, reduced turnaround times, great client service and ability to produce a quality medical transcript within the specified budget.

Our team of medical transcription specialists is well-versed in various therapeutic categories such as oncology, immune diseases, and the cardiovascular system. In addition, our extensive presence allows us to handle transcription projects between Chinese and any other language .

Whether you’re looking for the transcription of physician interviews, medical advisory boards or highly specialized focus groups, Chinese Translation Group (CTG) is able to offer a turnkey medical transcription solution to meet your exact requirements.