Chinese Website Translation

Chinese Translation Group (CTG) is the largest and most economic service provider for Chinese website translation and localization. We assist firms and individuals wanting to convert their Chinese website into other languages or other language website into Chinese by providing a full range of services.

Why Consider Website Translation?

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Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer’s language

(Source: International Data Corp.)
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37% of internet consumers spend more time on sites available in their own language

(Source: Common Sense Advisory)
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Visitors stay for twice as long if a website is in their own language

(Source: Forrester Research)

Why Choose Chinese Translation Group?

Fast & Easy | Multiple Options

Developing a successful multilingual online presence can be easy with our web translation and website localization services. Chinese Translation Group (CTG) specializes in translation of websites from Chinese to English, Asian and European Languages and vice versa i.e., translation of English, Asian or European Language websites into Mandarin.

We have a wide range of stand-alone and integrated Website Translation & Website Localization Services to enable you to widen your markets & increase your reach with options that suit your budget.

Specialized Services for Hassle Free Experience

Website translation services involve bringing together our strong design and development capabilities, and world leading professional translation services, to ensure a top quality localized website.

By using translators and designers in the relevant country, and centering engineering and development work in our Beijing office, we’re able to provide a cost-effective website localization solution.

Expert Teams for Successful Web Translation

Using web translators with extensive website copy experience as well as specialist knowledge of your industry sector, we ensure that your objectives in each market are achieved by your localized websites.

We use in-country designers for the look and feel of single-language websites. When localizing multilingual sites, an in-country creative from each target market will assess the design to ensure it works in all markets.

Localized sites are fully tested by our engineers as well as the editors who completed the translations to ensure they are technically, linguistically and culturally effective.

Full Range & Flexible Options of Web Translation

We have the flexibility and expertise to deliver any combination of web localization services you need, making the website translation process easy and stress free.

  • We are comfortable developing and localizing sites in all formats, including html, css, xml, Flash, Java, .NET, and Content Management Systems (CMS).
  • We offer voiceover and subtitling services for sites with audio and video content.
  • We can either deliver completed sites to clients’ technical teams, or upload them and get them online for clients who prefer to leave it all to us.
  • We provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, domain registration and in-country hosting.
  • We advise on issues specific to each market. For example, we encourage clients to consider in-country hosting for Chinese websites in particular, as access speeds from China to sites hosted outside of the country are slower than for sites hosted in China.

Our Latest Website Translation & Localization Projects