Poetry & Literature Translation

Translation of literary works (novels, short stories, plays, poems, etc.) is considered a literary pursuit in its own right. For example, notable in Canadian literature specifically as translators are figures such as Sheila Fischman, Robert Dickson and Linda Gaboriau, and the Governor General’s Awards annually present prizes for the best English-to-French and French-to-English literary translations.

Chinese Translation Group (CTG) has a native panel of Chinese, English, European & Asian Art Specialists with demonstrated experience in translating documents related to this field. Our recent projects in this domain include:

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Language Pair;;;Project Details;;;Project Volume;nn;
Russian To Chinese;;;Book Annotation, 100 Words, Ru To Ch;;;100 Words;nn;
Chinese To English;;;Learning Painting With Jl 1400 Words Short Biography First Chapter;;;1400 Words;nn;
Chinese To Norwegian;;;Proofreading of Short Narrative for Children;;;1500 Words;nn;
English To Chinese;;;Translation Of A Spy Novel Involving Georgia And Russia, On Amazon/Itunes;;;50000 Words;nn;