Media & Multimedia Translation

Multimedia translation, also sometimes referred to as Audiovisual translation, is a specialized branch of translation which deals with the transfer of multimodal and multimedial texts into another language and/or culture and which implies the use of a multimedia electronic system in the translation or in the transmission process. Multimedia translation can be applied to various fields, including cinema, television, theatre, advertisement, audiovisual and mobile device communication.

Chinese Translation Group (CTG) has a native panel of Chinese, English, European & Asian Art Specialists with demonstrated experience in translating documents related to this field. Our recent projects in this domain include:

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Chinese to English;;; Subtitle Qc Project;;; 2 Hours;nn; French To Chinese;;; Comics Books And Graphic Novels;;; 9000 Words;nn; Chinese to English;;; Translation of scripts for Documentary series on Ginseng;;; 5 episodes of 25 minute each;nn;